Coach Clark has been one of the best coaches my son has ever had.  He really focuses on how to make the player better as a person, and as a player.  Can’t really say enough good things about coach Clark.

Bill Schlueter

Matt is an awesome advisor that listens to the needs of his clients.  Matt works hard to support and guide his clients development and helps to connect them to reputable hockey programs.  5 stars for C20 Hockey!!

Heather Rousselo

Matt is a great guy and advisor.  He has helped my mental game and helped put me in the best place where I will develop and grow my game to the best of my abilities.

Adam Rousselo


Matt is a great guy that truly cares and puts the players best interest above everything.  Highly Recommended.

Mark Lukehart

An amazing program, has good connections and knows his stuff.  Best path to take if looking to play college hockey.

Travis L

Matt has been a pleasure to work with.  He has the player’s interests at heart and understands the landscape of hockey at all levels which allows him to place players with the proper teams and leagues that are best suited for his players.  He cares about his players progress and his experience as a former player sets him apart from other advisors.  Matt has the experience, integrity and passion for the game; we are proud to say we work with Matt.

Frank Demasi

Head Coach/GM South Muskoka Shield Jr. "A" Hockey Club , South Muskoka Shield

Having the right people guiding you along the way is a must.  Their honest opinion could be instrumental in getting to the next level.  Highly recommend!

Zach Boychuk

Professional Hockey Player

Coach Clark is the real deal!  His priority is to develop players no matter what level.  His program is driven by integrity and passion, and his joy comes from helping players to see their strengths and areas of growth!  I highly recommend Matt’s program!

Steve Isenhour

Coach Matt is amazing.  He knows each player learns differently.  He takes the time to actually coach each player to the best of their ability and he coaches in a manner that doesn’t degrade the player.  We saw a noticeable difference in our son after spending one summer with Coach Matt.  We highly recommend Coach Matt and C20 Hockey!!

Tami Elliott

Coach Clark really knows what he is talking about and will get you to the next level.  He really cares about developing players.  Coach Clark really has connections and will better you on and off the ice.  Coach Clarkwill put everything he has into you and make sure you can compete at the next level of hockey, and will follow up on you and will make sure that you are doing amazing and he will be there to help with anything. I believe that if you wanna get to the next level Coach Clarkand the C20 Hockey Group is the way to get you to the next level.  By far the bast way to get to the next level.

Kurtis Gorsuch

Student , University of Alaska Fairbanks